David William has been one of a kind from the start and so has his path been. Born and raised in Edinburgh he has been enjoying music from early on but it was only in his late teens that he discovered his passion for making it. Starting out with writing poems he soon realised that something was missing in the equation - that was Music.

Never one to follow the crowd, for a few years he wrote songs in private and only few close people got to hear them until he first made an appearance on the scene in 2003 and released an EP, Head Above Water, as Seven Worlds. However, soon after he started releasing music he felt as though he needed a name that was free of associations and decided to put out music as David William, the name he still uses now on his latest songs.

By that time he had already decided to fully devote his life to Music. Ever since, David spends his time writing songs, practicing, recording and doing everything else around it. Right from the start, David never wanted to follow the conventional path of the music industry as he wants his music to be authentic and free from the restrictions of the industry. He knows that every organisation and industry, no matter how well-intended, is corrupt and would like to live in a world where there is a more casual and direct human connection between artist and audience. That is also why he does things on his own terms from his home studio.

Although he grew up in the UK, David has always felt a strong connection with continental Europe, which eventually made him give up everything in October 2010 and head there. Six months into that journey he and his partner at the time, Kate Threadgould, started joining their skills and creating music as SoulJahm. A unique, harmonious sound and many new songs, such as Giudecca, Karl-Marx-Allee and Italian Saturday, emerged from that period. When things in Europe came to an end in 2014 David returned to Edinburgh and had a fresh start, solo again as David William.

It was a period when he grew to like his hometown more and more - a feeling he describes in the latest version of his song Remembering (We’re Still Friends) - and started sharing his music on the streets of Edinburgh.

By now David William has released five albums - One Way Ticket, One Way Ticket (Travelling Lighter), The Days Before, End Of The Strangers and 2020 - and various singles. There is a lot more Music to come in the future.