Creating high quality Music independently can be a slow and challenging process. As David is building his Music outside of the music industry, support is needed directly and very much appreciated. If you like the Music and the idea behind it and want to give something in return, a donation or purchase would be very helpful. The best way to support this Music is by albums/single downloads direct from Bandcamp. Not only do you get a high quality file which you own permanently but David gets a much fairer share of the cost (72p from a £1 single song download). On streaming services like Spotify, which David uses to widen the availability of his songs, he receives $0.002 per play, which would require millions of plays for any substantial income. All the money, after living costs are covered, goes back into the self produced Music and is being used to improve it even further.

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Donate via Ko-fi, where you can also unlock exclusive content such as videos, behind-the-scenes footage and archive material.