David William and Kate Threadgould were leading relatively normal lives before they embarked on a journey that would end up being called ‘SoulJahm’. David had committed to being a musician full-time back in 2003 and went on to release his debut album One Way Ticket in 2006, when drastic changes occurred in his life. From then on, he would see the world with different eyes and both their lives would take some unexpected turns. As Kate grew unhappier in her job they both felt the time was right to leave Edinburgh, David’s hometown, and were drawn to continental Europe. In October 2010 they packed their bags and left everything behind to leave for Barcelona, Spain. Early on they realised their journey was a strange flow of signs and synchronicities and so they travelled around Europe, following their intuition and settling down wherever they felt drawn to. It was in 2011 when the Music finally entered the picture, after a melodica and ukulele were purchased and the name SoulJahm was found. In the following period David started writing alongside their travels and songs like Karl-Marx-Allee, Giudecca or Italian Saturday emerged. With David on ukulele and lead vocals and Kate doing melodica and harmonies, a unique sound emerged. Further down the road, as Guitar and Piano became available, they were featured on the songs as well, adding to the sound. After Kate passed away in 2014, David tried to carry on with SoulJahm and went to Berlin but was eventually forced to return to Edinburgh. The SoulJahm spirit, however, still runs through his music, which he is currently releasing as ‘David William’.

"Europe is the soil. Music is the seed."
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