One Way Ticket

'One Way Ticket' was recorded in Edinburgh with local producer, Mick McGarr of Conrad Productions, throughout 2004 and 2005.

I had been writing songs and recording them on as little 4-track demos since I was 18. After a number of years of this I was getting frustrated at not being able to realise the arrangements in my head for these songs. I only had an acoustic and electric guitar at the time. So I needed the help of someone who could bring drums, piano, strings and other instrumentation to my songs and also mix them to a high standard.

We began work in April 2005, the first song recorded being "Come & Go" and then followed through with the others for the next year and a half. I recorded my parts at my house and sent the tracks to Mick for him to work with and we went back and forth like this until I was satisfied. The album was released independently early in 2006.

Released January 1, 2006

All songs written by David William.

Vocals, Guitars, Ukulele: David William

Background Vocals: Kate Threadgould

All other instruments: Mick McGarr

Mixing & Mastering: Mick McGarr

Produced by David William & Mick McGarr

Artwork by Kate Threadgould

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