Emerging from the ashes of the SoulJahm Europe adventure, David had very little resources and nobody to rely on and so simply set about recording various songs from his back catalogue which had not yet been released and in some cases, re-recording some which had been.

This process began around November 2015 and slowly over the next few years albums formed from these recordings. David's last album release, 2019's 'End Of The Strangers' was made up of many of these recordings but certain tracks had a different feel - more rhythmic, more punchy, more of a classic rock vibe and these tracks sat together well and needed a more hi-fi production.

From as far back as 2018, David had the album title '2020' in mind and knew which songs would feature on this release. He felt the year 2020 would be an important year for humanity and so much of the theme of this album is a mixture of warning and describing the uncertainty, anxiety and increasing Orwellian control around us with a defiant upbeat reminder of our true spiritual nature. "Amusement Park" was a late addition but completed the picture. An album of upbeat, yet slightly haunting and intense numbers, with a touch of romance and psychedelia. An album for these times indeed!

Released March 26, 2020

All songs written by David William

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synths, Percussion, Drums & Drum Editing by David William

Basslines on Tracks 1, 2 and 5 composed by Mark P.

Bass on Tracks 3, 4 and 6 played by Mark P.

Engineered, Mixed, Produced & Mastered by David William

Photography & Artwork Design by David William

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