Predictive Programming


Predictive programming is the term used to describe the theory that governments and other high-up man-made authorities use entertainment such as films, books, songs, etc to make the population more accepting of planned future events. I was first introduced to the term around the year 2007 when it was being talked about regarding 9/11.

What I want to expose here, however, is how I've witnessed it play out in my personal life, because I always like to focus on my own direct experiences when I talk about these things rather than theorise about what is happening in the wider world.

One of the first times I became aware of it possibly being used on me was in 2008 just after Kate had visited a psychic with her mum in Edinburgh. I don't usually get involved with psychics and mediums for this very reason, because I don't trust where they are pulling their information from. Many may be under the influence of demonic entities without realising. In this case, since Kate had started the ball rolling, and I was in the midst of a profound spiritual transformation I thought maybe some of that would be picked up by this Australian online psychic I'd come across. She wanted a photo as I remember, and so I passed on a recent one of me, and she did a reading but mentioned nothing about the spiritual transformation I was going through. She also played down the role of Music in my life when it was so clear to me at that time that Music IS my life. Or rather she alluded that Music was all around me but more that I would be inspirational to others rather than it being a direct thing. This echoed what the psychic guy Kate went to see said about me. Being a failed musician himself, into heavy metal I believe, he had a cynical attitude about making it as a musician and predicted I'd have to find a niche area to work within and that it would be difficult for me.

There were lots of subtle things coming at me during that time, from various people, suggesting the same thing and yet I'd never felt more positive and sure about what I had to do in this life through Music. It is precisely because of this that I believe I was targeted with a form of predictive programming. Those who would love to see me fail because I am threat to the very system they consciously or unconsciously support and uphold seemed to be popping up left, right and centre trying to pull me down during this time. It carried on right up until the time we left for continental Europe in 2010 and then through all our challenges over in mainland Europe.

What they were doing, I feel (and I felt this at the time because I ripped up the print-out I received from the online psychic and I dismissed what the psychic guy had told Kate), was trying to get in ahead of my vision and plant subliminal suggestions in my mind that would take root and strangle what we were trying for. It really was relentless because it began several years before heading to Europe in 2010 and increased in intensity throughout the SoulJahm years. Many people were doing it. I didn't FEEL the goodwill energetically that was supposedly coming out of peoples' mouths. Yet the power of what we were doing was so undeniable that people also couldn't help but support it too! Whereas Kate and I were totally focussed on Freedom, Truth and Music, most others would oscillate between supporting us and resenting us. Then there were those who just wanted us to fail full stop.

One thing the Australian online psychic said to me was that I "won't thrive far from my roots". This definitely felt like predictive programming at the time. We had lived in Edinburgh, my hometown, for many years and nothing was happening. That's one of the reasons we were drawn to continental Europe as we felt more at home there. So to hear this statement from her in 2008 felt false. Yet all these years later here I am back where they wanted me, but thriving? Surprise, surprise, no and it's been one of the worst periods of my life! It doesn't matter where you live, if you break away from the System and do your own thing, thriving doesn't come anywhere near as easily as for those who are whores to the System. I prefer to leave thriving to God/Jah/Consciousness and somehow I always make it through DESPITE the efforts of those trying to stop me.

Another thing she said which felt like predictive programming was that she could detect I was cynical of people. Many of these statements she made surprised me at the time because I felt the best and most positive I'd ever felt in my whole life during this time. It really felt as if life was finally beginning to open up for me. Now, in 2023, her statement perhaps does have some truth to it. But this is why I feel it was a form of predictive programming...

Until 2010, I had not really had any major problems with people. I got on with most people and although I was always an outsider, and people could be strange with me at times, I hadn't really experienced much outright nastiness from anyone throughout my life. The event which changed this was the bust-up with Susie (Celtic Isis on the David Icke forum) and her French masonic husband Yohan. I couldn't believe the way they were reacting over some emails and private messages, considering we had never met in person. So much so that I treated the whole matter quite flippantly and just joked it away. After that incident, people being downright nasty, narcissistic and cold increased (see the Bogi incident) and got worse and worse the longer I was back in Edinburgh from 2015 onwards. It happened everywhere I went - on social media, in online chat, and in real life. Gradually I began to think "are there any decent people left in the world?". It seemed like Kate's death marked the end of an era. Anyone would be cynical of people after relentlessly going through the experiences I went through for many years.

From where I am now it all has the feeling of one big set-up. What the Australian psychic said, what the Edinburgh psychic said to Kate and what Susie and Yohan said and did. It seemed like all these things came into my life at a particular point in an attempt to cause chaos and disharmony and divert me from my path just as the power of Consciousness was increasing and coming through me stronger and stronger. Some may argue that these psychics and others were only reading into the future and that they got it right. I can see how it could seem that way, but for me as the one living through it all, knowing how I felt and how Kate felt at different points, and seeing all the subtle signs and strange things coming into our path, it seems clear some dark force was all the time trying to derail me and us.

I can even trace it back to early in my life, before awakening. I used to get strange comments regarding the Music even in the early days of sharing it publicly online. One that sticks out is some random person on ICQ, who I barely knew, wanting to pass on and introduce me to Sixto Rodriguez and his song "Sugarman". I knew nothing of Rodriguez back then. I'd heard nothing since until in Europe with SoulJahm he popped up into our path because of a documentary made about him in 2012 called "Searching For Sugarman". We watched it and he was getting a bit of exposure during this period, playing various festivals and so on. When I promoted the video for "Conveyer Belt" on Twitter/X in 2022 some random guy again mentioned him. Never said anything else in reply to my video tweet, just passed on one of his songs. I think what he was trying to communicate was that I looked like or reminded him of Sixto Rodriguez in the video for "Conveyer Belt". The overall message I have taken from this long-running comparison is that it's an attempt to put me down, to try to subliminally connect my story with his. That of the struggling artist, ignored and forgotten about, who manages to get a little success but not the recognition he probably deserves.

Am I paranoid for thinking this? Well, I have good reason to think it. Several people over the years have commented that I should have more views, more subscribers, that I should be more well-rewarded than I have been for the quality of my work. Van Gogh has come up in a variety of ways throughout the journey so far - another artist who struggled within his lifetime - as if he is being pushed as a model, superimposed onto my own story. Yet most of these people, who if they were sincere could prevent another Van Gogh scenario, have not helped me out as far as I can tell by buying an album, donating to live performances, etc... They simply make these comments and move on it seems. Add this to the constant 'digs' I've received over the years, which all carry the same tone - comparing me to other struggling artists or making subtle points of saying I won't make it or putting me down in some way. Then there are those who have said the opposite, made out I will be a big star or that my life will turn out great, when it's clear they couldn't care a damn about me and only say such things to try to appease their own guilt for abandoning me to go off and "live their own lives".

Don't get me wrong, I may or may not make it (whatever that means), I'm not making any conclusion on that, but I can tell when someone is really behind the words that come out of their mouth and when someone is just saying it to save themselves.

So it's from events in my own personal life that I can say it would not surprise me at all to discover that this type of predictive programming is going on collectively, being pushed on the population at large to attempt to kill their dreams, demoralise them and keep them on the hamster wheel. The biggest threat for this System is if people start finding their own power and living from their own authenticity and authority. I'm still here as 2023 comes to a close and despite all their efforts they haven't killed my vision and they don't fool me. I see what their game is.