Uncovering The Energetic Mix-Up


There's been some fiery energies coming up over this last weekend and some strange things happening around me that have brought back this French/Irish backstory, which I've been trying to move on from for years, but just does not seem to go away.

One of the interesting pieces of this puzzle was hearing the news two days ago that David Icke sadly lost his daughter, Kerry, after a battle with a long illness. One of David's sons, Gareth, was reported as saying "Always headstrong and doing things her way, she kept this to herself for over a year". Hearing this and then seeing David's tribute to Kerry on his website brought back memories of my experience of losing Kate in 2014.

I have not went into this publicly until now out of respect for Kate's family but there have been so many other strange parallels between my journey and David Icke's journey that I feel every little piece of information is worth putting out there in an attempt to help us all understand the nature of this reality we exist in.

Like Kerry, Kate too was headstrong and did things her way, from the moment she came to live with me in 2002, leaving behind her life in Australia, after we met on ICQ chat in 1999. In continental Europe, in SoulJahm, the first indications of any issue with her health began late in 2011. Until that point she had been perfectly healthy. It was in Paris, just after I'd had my acoustic guitar sent over, and we were about to step up our intensity with the Music we were making as SoulJahm, that the first minor sign of something wrong appeared but she brushed it off. A month later we were in Berlin and had just finished and released "Christmas (C'mon)" on December 7th 2011. We had stayed up all night mixing the track and then in the morning released it digitally through all the usual streaming platforms. It was the first official SoulJahm release. We got a little sleep and then later in the afternoon, feeling elated and excited, went out to the Alexanderplatz Christmas market in Berlin to celebrate. As we were walking around, Kate's leg froze for a moment and although she again brushed it off, we left the market and went to a nearby cafe for a seat.

By the beginning of 2012, still in Berlin, I suggested we might have to return to the UK to see a doctor. She wouldn't hear of that and I never mentioned it again. We both were aware by this point of how dodgy the mainstream medical system is, having watched and read many alternative viewpoints, although my views on it were not as strong as they are post-Covid. But I'd already seen the way my Mum was treated by the mainstream medical system, as she worked for the well-known British pharmacy Boots, who called me in to collect her and take her home whilst she was having a stroke and told me it was a "virus" that had been going around the workplace. The next day she died and she was only 47, otherwise fit and healthy. At her funeral wake, her Boots colleagues were all sitting at a table nearby ours cackling like witches, which we thought was odd at the time. One of them, the only decent one, an Australian woman, was so disgusted by the way Boots dealt with my Mum, she left Boots soon after I heard. So, by this point, we had no trust in that industry.

I was very concerned at times about Kate's condition as we travelled around Europe, trying to bring forth this SoulJahm Music but I totally respected and understood her wishes. If I'd been in her shoes, I too would not have wanted to deal with mainstream healthcare. To add further complexity to the situation, I'd been going through Kundalini Awakening symptoms since 2007 and it seemed Kate too had some of these symptoms, albeit to a much lesser intensity than me. I was used to people trying to deny my experience and frighten me into believing it was something else yet I am still here today in 2023. Kate had been in contact with some Bulgarian guy who had a spiritual website dealing with Ascension Symptoms (another way of saying Kundalini Symptoms, basically) and although I wasn't so sure about this guy, he too confirmed she was on the right path and that her symptoms were Ascension-related.

So, although it put a huge amount of pressure on me, I understood why Kate wanted to hide all of this from anyone else. Only I knew about it for several months before she told her family or anyone else and when she did eventually tell them she played down the symptoms. Nobody other than the two of us will ever realise how hard it was travelling around Europe, trying our best to bring this Truth and Freedom out into this world through the Music we were making. We desperately needed more help, a third person or more. This was the case even while she was fit and healthy because our possessions were increasing all the time - we had two large suitcases, a laptop bag, an acoustic guitar and so on - and moving from place to place, navigating through train stations and subway undergrounds to reach the hotels and apartments we'd booked was sometimes a nightmare. No matter how much we wished for help it never came. Money came, yes, but people, no. We kept being told "it's your thing" as if everyone wanted to distance themselves from us. Later I was always hearing "it's David's thing" and still to this day people say that. The Peace, Truth and Freedom energy we felt as we moved around was so palpable to us we couldn't understand. How can they say this?!

This is why Kate wanted to stay around it right till the end. There was nowhere else she wanted to be yet nobody would accept that. Once our families got involved and saw her, the pressure to go to mainstream doctors increased, but still she resisted. I was trying to protect her from this because I knew the power of suggestion and thought. When Bob Marley was ill with cancer, he was determined at first to avoid mainstream medical care but he was pressured into it and one time said to his girlfriend Cindy Breakspeare "What? You want me to have cancer?!". He understood the power of intention and the more people fussed over him, warning him of cancer, trying to get him to do something about it, the more they were strengthening the belief that it WAS cancer and so increasing the likelihood it would manifest as that in his body. I could see a similar thing happening to Kate.

We went to Budapest in January 2014 to escape all this pressure and give ourselves a long-term stay somewhere we could get on with the Music undisturbed and in peace without having to move around whilst Kate attempted to get back to full health. Within days of our arrival our landlord Bogi sat in the living room with Kate, myself and my Dad. She too began pressuring Kate to see a doctor. Kate told her straight, without any interference from me or my Dad, that she didn't want to go down that path. My Dad returned to Edinburgh days after this, leaving Kate and I alone. By this point Kate had already dealt with an energy worker in the United States over Skype who told her she could see "dark gremlins" on some of her chakras and a top homeopathist, also from the U.S., who prescribed her some homeopathic remedies. Sadly, it was all too late.

Those months in Bogi's Budapest flat, from January 2014 until May 2014, were some of the worst times of my life. As it went on, it felt more and more dark, Bogi's behaviour became more and more erratic, and I felt in the final weeks that the place was full of demonic energy. Eventually, her parents were called over, and Kate was put into hospital. I remember sitting in the hospital waiting room with her parents, waiting on a diagnosis, and muttering to myself "Bastards! Bastards!". These words just came out, circling around in my mind, I felt there was more to all of this than meets the eye but it was all happening in the unseen realms.

One day during the period she was in hospital, I noticed Bogi had an upside down pentagram clock in the kitchen. We hadn't noticed this before. We knew what the inverted pentagram stood for, how it is the street design of Washington D.C. political centre, where the White House is. We knew it was a Satanic symbol. During this time Bogi had one day made an ominous comment to us in an email - "stay away from black magic". It suggested she herself had delved into this. Bogi had wanted to visit Kate in hospital when she found out what had happened but Kate didn't want to see her. I told Bogi this.

After Kate died, it got worse. Bogi got more crazy. First, trying to get me to pay for a new cooker and furniture in the apartment she had previously got in for us, and then trying to blackmail and threaten me with authorities. She informed me she was friends with some local police and suggested she could have me done for manslaughter, despite the fact she heard it from Kate herself that she wanted to avoid medical care, and despite the fact Kate's parents had seen her in 2013 and Kate had confirmed to them, without my presence there, that this was the route she wanted to take. It was a dreadful time and I was left to clean up the mess with my Dad, staying in Bogi's apartment trying to organise what to do with all our stuff, whilst Bogi was constantly trying to evict us. My Dad, understandably, wanted to leave early and get the hell out of there. I was insistent that we stay until the end of the contract. We had done nothing wrong. Once we got our stuff sorted out, we left, stuck the keys under the mat and then informed her we were gone. Some nasty emails went back and forth between Bogi and I and that was that. I moved onto Berlin alone and my Dad returned to Edinburgh.

In the days after Kate's death this was the tribute post I made on the SoulJahm website for Kate. As you can see, the tone is not too dissimilar to David Icke's post about his daughter Kerry. Those were my feelings about it at the time of Kate's death.

Following on from these events, as I got to Berlin a new chapter began for me, and new insights began coming through about Kate's death. I became more and more aware that it was more sinister than I'd been led to believe. I thought about the way Bogi had threatened me with authorities and how similar it was to the way Susie (Celtic Isis) had threatened to pass on my emails to her to authorities back in 2010 when we had that final bust-up on the David Icke forum. I remember she first tried to pass them onto Gareth Icke, David's son, who was moderator of the forum back then. He told her it was a private matter and nothing to do with the forum. She then threatened to go to the police with them. Kate got quite anxious about this although I told her not to worry because we'd done nothing wrong.

I remembered how Bogi had once told me Paris was her favourite place. Susie also loved Paris, because she went there on her honeymoon in 2008, and posted about it on Facebook and the Icke forum. I remember her and Kate discussing it on Facebook and how she got pissed off at Kate because Kate didn't congratulate her on her wedding. Another strange connection... Kate, myself and my brother Mark booked a trip to Berlin in October 2008. The flight was cancelled and we had to rebook for November 2008. The very month Susie and Yohan went with his brother to Paris for their honeymoon. We knew nothing about this until afterwards.

Bogi was about the same age as Susie, similar build... slim with long, dark brown hair. All of this began to seem very strange to me. When me and my Dad were left in Budapest to clear up the mess, we had tried to organise a removal of the stuff back to Edinburgh using the same removal company Kate and I had used to take the stuff over. It was an Irish company (Susie is Irish) which Kate found and booked and the couple who arrived to collect our stuff were a small brunette, not too dissimilar to Susie in appearance, and a taller Hungarian guy called John (Susie's husband was called Yohan, the French version of John). They appeared friendly enough when they collected our stuff so there was no reason to suspect anything. It was when we attempted to have them come to Budapest and return our belongings to Edinburgh that things got strange. We told them Kate had died, they agreed to come and collect, gave us a time and date, and me and my Dad had all the stuff ready and waiting. They never showed up. When we called to find out what was going on we were informed John was too upset to come and do it after hearing about Kate's death. Why would a delivery driver from a removal company, who had only met Kate once briefly, be so upset over her death that he couldn't fulfil our booking to take the stuff back? It made no sense.

Unless there was some deeper connection between this removal couple and Susie and Yohan. More insights began to flood into my mind in my time alone in Berlin. I remembered how in discussion with Susie on the Icke forum in 2008 she had confirmed she felt a connection with Kate and I but that she had told me she had a dream in which we'd all met up sometime in the future but Kate wasn't there. This is a part out of the final email exchange between Yohan and I in 2010, the final bust-up, just before Kate and I left for Europe.

"She even wishes she never met any of you and Kate. Sue doesn't want to meet you under any circumstance (you might missuderstood her even if she tried to make you understand it)"

This is pure lies. Susie in 2008 indicated to us she DID feel a connection with us and that she saw us being part of the same awakening movement. It was during this exchange that she said she had the dream in which Kate wasn't there. It happened through private messages on the old David Icke forum, which no longer exists, so unfortunately I'm unable to quote her exactly. This was not the first time either of them lied. She posted publicly on Icke's forum that Kate was unhappy, that she knew it, which greatly angered Kate as the truth is those days were some of the happiest of our relationship. She also claimed that it was Kate who passed on her email address to me without her permission after Susie and I began emailing. The truth was I suggested to Susie it would be better for us to discuss things privately through email rather than on the Icke forum, because we'd just had a nasty public exchange there before she apologised. Susie agreed and gave me her email address. This was confirmed by an Australian moderator on the Icke forum, who investigated my private messages after Susie caused a fuss about it in our 2010 bust-up. The moderator saw I'd done nothing wrong and admitted that Susie seemed a very troubled girl.

As these kind of insights came to my mind in Berlin, connecting up different people to each other throughout our SoulJahm journey, it looked to me like the same dark force was operating through different people. Two times previously when we'd stayed in Paris there were connections. The apartment we were staying in back in 2011 when my acoustic guitar got sent over was owned by a couple called John and his wife was an Irish primary school teacher. A year prior to that we stayed in another Paris apartment owned by a Johan and his girlfriend, who was again, a long-haired brunette woman not too dissimilar to Susie in appearance. I began to see a thread running through all of this, although I didn't understand what it all meant.

My time in Berlin throughout the summer of 2014 was an intense, incredible series of signs and synchronicities, too much to mention here, but French signs were recurring and towards the end of my time there, Irish signs. By the time I got back to Edinburgh, the Irish signs were increasing, which was what led me back to attempting to reinitiate contact with Susie in search of answers to what the hell was going on. Yet again, they were both evasive, ignoring all my messages but posting things publicly on Facebook and YouTube which had meaning to me. I persisted throughout 2015, caught up in some empath/narcissist dynamic, until finally in November 2015 she replied with a solitary, very confused and chaotic message on YouTube, in the days when it had a private message facility. On showing this message to someone, they felt it may not even be Susie writing it because the English and the grammar was more like that of a non-native English speaker, suggesting it may be Yohan writing the message on her behalf. It mentioned something of this all being "fucking nuts" and told me "just forget about me, I don't think you will be able to" and "this will take you where you need to be".

It was clear I wasn't going to get any further with those two and after a year of exhausting efforts trying to get some answers - during a time when my Gran was in hospital for most of that year - I managed to pull myself away from this dark empath/narcissist dynamic and break contact with them. The last contact I had was early in 2016 and since then I haven't looked back. I've tried my best to move on from this mess and rebuild my life but it never goes away, always popping back up again. There is clearly something to resolve there but I cannot do it alone, I need the cooperation of them. So what are they hiding? Why not sort this out with me?

It has interfered with the Music journey because I get lots of weird comments and interactions, both online and in real life, and so many of the things people say and do around me connect up with things Susie and Yohan have said and done. Sometimes it feels as if they are communicating to me through these people. Very few of the interactions I've had since that time have been genuine. Another few extracts Yohan said to me back in 2010 were:

"But we know who you are and it is no more worth it for you to play any game with us."

"You missed things, I can't tell you where and when but you just lost it"

"The only thing you look for is spreading your hate, your frustration, your lies .....
To tell you the truth, you don't even live in your own world, everything is fake, the only true things with you are your jealousy, your negativity, your emptiness, you never bring anything positive to anyone as far as we can see."

It's statements like these combined with what happened in Europe on our SoulJahm journey, what happened with all the characters like Bogi and the removal people we met and what happened afterwards in Berlin and onwards into Edinburgh to the present day which have made me suspect there is a whole lot more to this than meets the eye.

As I mentioned a year ago, David Icke was banned from Europe and at the time I had to leave Berlin against my wishes in 2014 it felt as if I was being kicked out of Europe. There are strange parallels connecting into other peoples' lives. When this happened to Icke he revealed that he was sent a message from a Dutch guy on social media threatening that if he ever came to Netherlands again he and his family would be in danger. Compare this to these statements from Yohan:

"You'd better turn the page, care about who you already have, or look for someone else."

"As your way of talking seems to take a dangerous path, for you and people around you"

"I don't threaten you but you should know it, I'm not impressed, physically and spiritually. You should choose your victims in a better way because it won't work like this. So as I told you I don't threaten you (I'm not an agressive person) but you should just not try to go farther, you'd better stay away from her now."

This is not normal, based on what we are led to believe "normal" is. This clearly shows something bigger is going on, some kind of spiritual battle that is taking place on unseen realms but manifesting through events here on Earth. This may be my personal story but the reason I'm making it public is in an attempt to bring to light what is going on in the bigger picture. Perhaps it connects up with events in your life or someone you know. Clearly, there is some matrix of control trying to superimpose and interfere in the organic, natural flow of life and if we want a world of peace and harmony we need to expose the forces who are behind that.