For many years, from SoulJahm onwards I was always aware of the forces trying to divide us. The encounter with YC and SBC in 2010, the French and Irish one, highlighted that. I was all for unity while she made it clear she was not. She was highly suspicious and wary of any kind of talk of bringing people together. Whenever there was a closeness with people I tried to keep it that way and warned people around me that we should stick close together because if we separated it would be very difficult to reunite. Although it may not have been clear why to those I warned, I sensed what was coming ahead and I was aware of the different timelines that were opening up. If you left the timeline I was on, it would be difficult to come back on it further down the road. As usual, nobody listened to me and just went off and did their own thing. Which, of course, is their right. The trouble is, many of those people have tried to reinitiate contact with me in the years since leaving. They believe they can go off and "live their life" and return to me now and again when it suits them. It doesn't work like that and I will explain why...

The conventional understanding of reality is that we all live and share the same world. There is one earth with billions of people on it and we're all on a level playing field and we can all have individual lives and still come together when it suits. We are now at a point where its slowly being realised that we are not all sharing the same world. Reality is made up of frequencies or vibrations and there are infinite frequencies, like how there are many radio stations all broadcasting at the same time, each on a separate wavelength. If you are listening to BBC Radio 1 you don't hear Virgin or Absolute Radio and vice versa. You have to change frequency to hear another station and then you come off the channel you were on. Reality is very much like this.

Everything in this world carries a frequency and so whatever you are doing moment to moment decides what frequency you will be on. There tends to be a core frequency which everybody operates at, which is kind of like an average. If two people are able to be in each others lives in a healthy way over a long period of time it means they both share a similar core frequency. They may have superficial differences but the core frequency they resonate at keeps them together. If core frequencies are not matched then it's likely they won't be able to sustain any kind of healthy and balanced relationship, although they may pop up in your reality from time to time. So usually people are on some kind of higher or lower vibration. Those on the higher vibration may occasionally drop down into lower vibrations and those on lower vibrations may from time to time enter higher vibrations but both cannot stay there for long. Your overall vibe will tend to pull you back to one or the other.

If that sounds too esoteric it can be understood in a more everyday, physical sense like this... Have you ever experienced someone briefly coming into you life and then quickly disappearing again? It could be a brief physical meeting or it could be a message or interaction online. For a moment you think things will go back to how it was with that person but for whatever reason, the interaction comes to an end abruptly. I've experienced this from both sides. I've had people drop a comment on my social media giving me the impression we're going to strike up a more long-term relationship, as if they are coming back into my life again, only for them to disappear just as quickly without warning. I've encountered people in real life who show up regularly also as if they are coming more into my life only for them to suddenly disappear, never to be seen again for month or years, if at all ever again. At first, I took it personally because it was a new phenomenon. Or so it seemed to be. When I looked back on my life I saw it was actually always this way.

In the 90s, for instance, there was much more of a commonality to our lives. Most people in the UK still only watched 4 or 5 TV channels, so most people were being delivered the same version of reality. If you watched a programme on tv there was a good chance others the next day at school or work would have seen it. Everything in the culture was being delivered to us through the same mainstream outlets, whether that be TV stations, radio stations or newspapers and magazines. So naturally, we appeared to share the same 'world' and so there seemed more unification between people.

Today, there are endless YouTube channels on every subject imaginable, there are all kind of different people with pages and channels on all kinds of things on every social media platform. Each of those operates on a different vibration. TikTok has a certain vibration, Instagram another, Twitter another and so on. Within each platform there are further sub-vibrations. You will find both the trashiest things and the highest spiritual things on all these platforms. So people are tuning into all kinds of vibrations all the time and hence, is it any wonder there is so little harmony, so little agreement on anything in the world in these times.

To go back to the people appearing/disappearing thing... I know what happens at my end when someone attempts to come back into my life. Usually it starts ok but even at that point it can be felt that you are both somehow out of sync with each other. There may be enough there to go through initial pleasantries and politeness with the other but after that it can be felt that something is not right and its as if some bigger force pulls you both apart again. I expressed this in the SoulJahm song "Where Are The People" - "See with your heart and go back to the start, it's a language you know how they've kept us apart".

The "they" who have kept us apart are the manipulators of society, those at the top in big corporations, such as the Silicon Valley scene, the politicians, royalty, those who are making the big decisions which affect us all, who are always creating things which encourage divisiveness. They can't make us fight with one another but they can certainly encourage that kind of atmosphere. They are masters of it. I also foretold of this divisiveness in the SoulJahm track "Borders" which has the line "High or low into division we go". That line literally means what I am speaking of here today. You can align with higher vibrations or lower vibrations and the main split is happening there, but of course, even within higher and lower vibrations there are further divisions.

In physical real life, how this often manifests is that you may have people who are constantly in your life, as in nearby physically, you may even see them regularly, but interaction will be minimal. If you share the same house they may spend most of their time in one room while you are in another. It's as if you are sharing the same space as in you see the same room, furniture, etc but you are worlds apart in how you experience that same space. Back in Budapest, 2014, in the months leading up to Kate's death I remember us playing Travis' latest album which had a song on it called "A Different Room". It always gave me a sense it was describing this kind of thing, which I came to understand more clearly later on, although I've no idea if that was the band's intention behind the song.

So if you sometimes wonder why it's difficult to make contact with someone, as in you'd like to but just can't find the words or feel blocked from making a move to contact them, or if you are waiting on contact from someone but it's not coming, it may be explained in this post.