Timeline Split


I watched this video today which makes a lot of sense in the context of what's been going on in my life for many years now. On so many occasions I've had the experience the woman is describing, where you feel you are being "pushed" out of some situation. When I used to go to cafes regularly, we'd find one, like it and keep returning. At the beginning the staff would often be very friendly and welcoming, especially after a few visits when they could see we were become regulars. Sometimes weeks later, sometimes months or even years, the atmosphere would change. It would feel like a chaotic energy had entered, staff would be dropping things, then their moods seemed to go up and down. One day you came in and would be welcomed as usual, another day they could barely look at you. Some staff members seemed to be pissed off by our presence. Something would then happen to signal it was time to move on. It could be that suddenly they would get sloppy with the coffee, not taking as much care as in the beginning. Sometimes it would get harder and harder to find a seat. One way or another it would become clear we were not welcome there anymore. We'd find a new cafe and the same process would begin all over again.

Although I knew deep down at the time what was going on was similar to the woman's explanation in the video, it was hard sometimes not to take it personally. The same thing would happen online. I would simply move around the internet naturally, wherever I was drawn, and join in where I felt to. I never even considered I was entering an online community with its own clique when I joined certain sites or groups. That if you didn't fit the criteria or dogmas associated with a particular group they would make it known you weren't welcome, blatantly or subtly. One such place I found myself for a few years was Street Jelly, an online busking site. I was just looking for somewhere to play to people online and get paid for it. Street Jelly was the only real option I came across for that purpose. After a while it became clear it seemed to cater to mostly older, Christian Americans. They all visited each other's shows and if you didn't do that you weren't quite part of the clique. I didn't see the sense in that as surely musicians are trying to build an audience of listeners, not other musicians?

Each time I landed somewhere, online or offline, it seemed people were trying to incorporate me into their mindset, to become a kind of official member, when I was never interested in joining anyone elses thing since I've always had a clear purpose of my own to follow through. At one point I had the "be kind" crowd trying to pull me into their orbit. I never knew at that time they were known as "woke", just kept on encountering people telling me it was important to "be kind". Luckily, my own energetic instincts would navigate around these traps and keep on with the path I was creating for myself.

An occurrence which has often repeated over the years is that someone will initiate contact with me, I will respond, and then they will suddenly disappear. When they first make contact there is often a desperation, urgency or forcefulness which makes their sudden disappearance all the more strange. Eventually I realised what was happening was a frequency thing. For whatever reason, at the point where they made contact they have come into my frequency range - or me to theirs - but somewhere after that they have moved out of my range or vice-versa. Exactly as is described in the video above, often something about your energies is incompatible and so one way or another, life will pull you apart. They may even want to stay in your life or you in theirs but if the vibrations are not matching that's what will become the reality. The higher vibrations will cause problems for those at lower vibrations, it will bring a kind of chaos to their world, uprooting and bringing to the surface darkness those people may not want or be ready to face. For the higher vibrational ones, being in lower vibrations for too long will feel restrictive, compressed and just generally unpleasant. Both will feel repelled by the other, even if they have a fondness for particular people in the other vibration.

A being of higher vibrations will automatically disturb and upset the status quo without even trying. I've observed two kinds of people wherever I've went online and in real life. Those who seem to enjoy the vibrations coming from me, and want to be close, even if they remain quiet and in the background, and those who get irritated, agitated and restless around the vibrations and eventually need to remove themselves. I witnessed both all the time when I busked out on the streets of Edinburgh.

I became aware and started talking of timelines back in 2011/12 in the days of SoulJahm as we were moving around Europe. Intuitively, I felt an urgency we needed to stay on a certain timeline otherwise things would fall apart. When that wasn't successful I knew we were heading into some kind of darkness, although it wasn't clear just how quickly that dystopia would be upon us back then. Now it feels even messier as there are so many conflicting frequencies in operation at the same time, so much instability in the world, so people are weaving in and out of differing realities all the time, often without knowing what is going on. So many times I will find something will initially bring me into the orbit of another, it could be an interest you both share, a similar aesthetic, a belief pattern or whatever and it will feel good, as if you've found a like-minded soul, only for it soon to fall apart, neither of you able to stay in the other's orbit, once the differences between you become more apparent.

In my case it could be that someone discovers one of my songs, likes it, is starting to come closer and then suddenly disappears because they have become aware I am into spirituality or the conspiracy-scene and their belief system is repelled by that. Many times it's the other way round. Spiritual and conspiracy kinds of people will be drawn to me for those reasons but are unable to connect with the Music. So there are all these automatic filters going on whilst trying to get to the people who understand and accept you the most.

This is why a timeline split is inevitable and is already happening, although it seems counter-intuitive to Unity. We seem to have gone passed the point of agreeing to disagree because all the areas of human life in these times have become so extreme. So the next best thing when you can't have overall unity is to find unity in smaller ways, separating from people and energies which are unsupportive and moving towards and eventually aligning with those which are nourishing and supportive.