The Self-Appointed Gatekeepers of Truth


Ever since my online encounter with a French freemason, who I will refer to as YC, back in 2010, there has been this fairly regular pattern of guys (and sometimes women) who come into my path and attempt to steer me away from going further on this Truth journey. Some of them are fairly blatant and say so in no uncertain terms while others have a friendlier vibe, sometimes even appearing as fans of what I do, but in all cases they come with the same tone and list of reasons why I better just stop where I am and go no further. They often do so by using their life as an example in a very patronising way and take a superior attitude. Without prompting they seem to assume I am lost and that they need to share their advice.

These are some of the things YC threw at me in our email exchange back in 2010:

"as your way of talking seems to take a dangerous path, for you and people around you, I feel I have to give you answers and I hope they will help you to wake up, to face your reality and act as an adult."

"you're talking about things you don't know and you don't understand right now."

"It would be long to get into details but if you stop little bit to think about things carefully, you will understand that you didn't understand what is reality, what is illusion, what is knowledge and what it means for us."

"Being spiritual, having some beliefs doesn't mean not being adult, it just help you to become a better one, someone who tries to improve himself everyday and help people when he can."

I will tackle that last one about "being spiritual" first. Being spiritual has nothing to do with being an adult because the word and concept adult is a mind-based term. It only has meaning in this man-made system world we've created. The reality is there is no such thing as a child or an adult. So already there is an error in YC's logic because if being an adult is important to you then you have already killed the chance of being spiritual. Secondly, a spiritual being is not interested in improving himself everyday. Only the "person" (ie. ego) is interested in improving itself in this way. A spiritual being knows he or she is already complete and has no interest in making themselves a better person since they have seen the delusion of personhood. Such a being will naturally let their personality aspect of themselves play out in whatever form that takes guided by the inner being. They will not have a pre-conceived idea of what that will look like, acting like an "adult" will have no meaning to them. Lastly, a spiritual being will also have no desire to help people yet at the same time will do whatever they can to assist any situation they find themselves in for the best. What I mean by that is a spiritual being recognises that trying to help people is a flawed way of being. It is what charity is born out of which is disgusting. A spiritual being will be more interested in WHY people need help. Why is this person sitting out on the streets begging for money? Why does this country need aid from another? The answer is always the same... the corrupt system we live under takes what does not belong to it from others with one hand whilst pretending to care and gives a fraction of what it took back under the guise of charity, help, aid. So if you seriously want to help others then question and take a look at this system we live under and withdraw from it and encourage others to withdraw from it until it collapses. That would be the biggest help you could offer the whole of mankind.

The rest of YC's quotes are the utterings of somebody completely stuck in the mind trying to appear spiritual. The simplicity of Truth is so stark and alarming to some that when they are exposed to it they have to frantically put all kinds of barriers up to block themselves from realising how unnecessarily complex they've made life. You mean I have worked in this job for 40 years and have ticked all the boxes I was supposed to tick - have a career (or next best get a job), find a partner, get married, have kids, go to the pub every weekend, go on holiday every year, blah, blah, blah - only for you to come along now and expose all of it as nothing more than a software program I've downloaded. So naturally, under such exposition attacking the messenger is the obvious way to deny facing the message.

The next example I can think of came four years later, months after Kate died. In trying to find answers to her death I was led to this Bulgarian spiritual guy called Stankov she had briefly been in touch with about kundalini symptoms during our time in Europe travelling. He had a spiritual blog and often discussed ascension symptoms (also known as kundalini symptoms). Since Kate and I had been experiencing these symptoms for many years at that point, there were times it got a bit full-on and in seeking relief or understanding we'd read some of these spiritual blogs by various people we came across. I never got a good feeling about this Stankov guy and I indicated this to Kate but never stood in her way of communicating to him. After her death, I remembered him and since there were so few people I could confide in about the spiritual nature of things happening around us and at the time of her death, I felt he may at least understand. So I wrote to him to tell him of Kate's death and to see what he had to say about it. I told him about my journey since her death, how it had taken me on this crazy Twin Flame ride which had led to him amongst other things. He claimed he and his wife were "twin souls" and this was different to twin flames. All of this stuff was new to me at this stage. What I found odd was he seemed very insistent that I do not go further down this path and gave me all this patronising talk about how twin souls were somehow superior to twin flames. I sensed a strong avoidance in him, like he was hiding or trying to protect something.

Another regular tactic of such people is the one about how they used to be all about saving the world or helping mankind but now they've grown up and realised that's futile and well, better just accept and enjoy life as it is. In all exchanges I have never suggested I am out to save the world or help mankind in any way so where they get this idea from and the need to set me straight on this I don't know! Why must it be either/or? Either you're out to save the world or you just hang out with your friends, have a beer, make babies, love people, enjoy life... What they are actually saying is don't expand yourself beyond the usual limits of a human life because if you do that you will make me look bad for settling for a third-rate life. These are people who may be spiritual but they have all the accoutrements of a system life - home, money, car, marriage, children, friends, status in their community - and they don't want to lose them! That's what it's really about. They have too much invested in the system that if they were to go down the road I am on they might lose or have to give up some of that and they are fearful of that and they project that fear onto me.

Many of these people who come into my path in an attempt to block me going further, you might be surprised to learn, are not simply ordinary, everyday people, which would be understandable, but people who claim to be open-minded and spiritual. Their whole vibe is of someone who does not want you to open the next door and take another step into the unknown because of what it might mean for them. You might find something there which exposes what they already believe to be true and makes a mockery of their way of living.

I'm always puzzled by this attitude because surely you want to know what this reality is all about? Who wouldn't want to know? If the reason is because you don't want the status quo being upset then does that not say it all?! If the status quo can be upset or disturbed in some way then doesn't that indicate its not the real deal and that there must be something else behind the curtain? If you are sure your reality is THE reality then what is there to be afraid or defensive about? If the house is at risk of crumbling when you tap on the walls wouldn't you want to explore the shoddy roots and structure and get out so you can build yourself a home on a more solid foundation?

Whenever these characters appear in my life I always take a look at what they have to say but if I sense a whiff of fear, insecurity or defensiveness I brush it off and continue on my way, unphased and unbothered by their attempts to put me off.