Song Stories: Magica Fountain


I wrote Magica Fountain on ukulele in an apartment in Budapest we were staying in around April 2011. I wasn't even trying to write a song, just wandering around the living room strumming on the uke when I landed on a chord sequence and then a melody was there. The title was inspired by Magica Fountain or Font Magica in Barcelona but the song itself has nothing to do with Barcelona or Spain. As with "Karl-Marx-Allee" and "Giudecca", the titles are almost replacement words for Consciousness, the Source, the Now. At that time I was incorporating the real-life events we were going through into songs about Consciousness, leaving them open to interpretation. Rather than come across as obviously as, say a Christian rock band, always singing about God, I wanted the message to be more subtle than that. For those who feel the songs beyond the lyrics they may realise I am singing about Truth or Consciousness but for those who cannot feel it on that level, there is a more earthly story within these songs to immerse yourself in and enjoy.

So, "Magica Fountain" is using the imagery of a fountain to symbolise the Source within which is always flowing like a fountain. The overall message is what's inside will manifest outside and what's outside is ultimately inside of you anyway. Reality is a dream that we "dream on, dream on, dream on" so why not make it a pleasant dream by first realising it's a dream, which most people have no awareness of?

One of the key lines I always feel is "Children's toys were not meant to stunt your growth". It can be taken literally because the corruption starts when you are a child given toys by your parents or seen as we are all adult children living in this world playing with "toys" like children do but these toys are inventions like politics, money and the whole complex system world we take to be real. To an awakened or enlightened being this stuff is all child's play. When the so-called adults of this world finally grow up they will realise all these things they take so seriously are nothing more than toys.