Sketches Of Europa (Alternate Vocals)


Before working on the 'Sketches Of Europa' album at the beginning of the year I had went through what I thought were all the available tracks we had recorded. I found a surprise vocal take of "Nice", which I hadn't remembered us capturing, or else I'd written it off as not up to standard. That made it onto the album.

After releasing the album one day I accidently came upon some additional 'guide vocals' we'd recorded for 5 songs. These were rough placeholders, recorded when the songs had hardly anything on them. We would have re-recorded these once the rest of the instrumentation was in place had we been able to follow through. Unlike the vocals for "Nice" I didn't think these guide vocals were up to standard to be used on the official release, but I did feel they were worthy of being out there and heard, part of the SoulJahm story. So I went back into the mixes and replaced the current vocals on these 5 tracks with the old guide vocals.

I considered putting out a special bonus version of the album with these extra tracks but it didn't seem worthwhile so instead I've made them freely available on YouTube and Audiomack for now. In the end I released 4 of them because the "Mysterious" guide vocals just sounded too rough and not so musically enjoyable.

Since I had to finish those songs up without Kate on the official album release, I felt it would be nice to have versions with Kate's vocal to give an idea of how they might have sounded if things had turned out differently.