Satanists Within Society


By 2014, in Bogi's Budapest apartment, just a few streets away from that apartment, it all came to an end, Kate ended up in hospital and I discovered an inverted 5-pointed star in the kitchen of Bogi's flat. Several months earlier she had made the ominous remark to us "stay away from black magic".

From discussions with Bogi during our time there, she revealed she had past connections with politicians in Budapest and seemed almost ashamed of it, as she admitted this to us. She had also once expressed jealousy or resentment at the spiritual connection Kate and I have, coyly revealing her boyfriend was not so spiritual to her disappointment, whilst at the same time always talking up her relationship with him.

Susie (Celtic Isis from the David Icke forum) had warned Kate in an email way back in 2007 about watching out for the inverted pentagram, when we were new to all of this. In 2010 when we first landed in continental Europe and had our laptop stolen and a whole host of water issues with the apartment we were staying in, our landlord, Susanna, who was not present but was working in Oman, had made an ominous comment about it being "our turn for bad karma". Several years earlier, in the early 2000s, there was a Karma Chameleon reference made about "Come and Go". Several years later, 2015 onwards, I'd witness the 'karma' thing come up again in unusual places - a period of drinking a brand of cola called Karma Cola.

Of course, karma is another concept of the system to entrap and keep you in the cycle of reincarnating. Your life is the way it is now because of things you've done in the past and so you just have to accept your lot. Trouble with this theory is whatever you have done in the past is informed and influenced by the world and culture you are born into. ie. You can only act out what you have been programmed with. If you are told it's a world of competition and that you have to fight for everything, that may cause you to act negatively towards other humans, but you weren't given the truth about this reality we live in.

That is the key to all of this. We all can only act out based on the world we were LED to believe in. If someone, for instance some kind of gatekeepers, are hiding the truth about reality from us then it's no wonder we behave as we do. It's very fashionable to talk of "owning your life" in spiritual circles today but how can you truly "own" your life when the playing field was never equal to begin with.

So, back to the inverted star thing... how come all these years later in Edinburgh, for the second year in a row, a Christian church I pass by has put an inverted pentagram star on top of it's tree? What is going on here? What have we been led to believe? Is the world we think we live in even what it has claimed to be all along? Or is the whole thing a lie? You can't take full ownership and responsibility for your life unless you know exactly WHAT and WHERE you are in the grand scheme of things.

I've mentioned before several times how the first apartment we stayed in Budapest, 2011, where SoulJahm formed had a 5-pointed star hanging in the window, as seen in the photo below. There was a lot of positivity around at this time, things were starting to flow for us, we had some stability, we had instruments and the Music was entering the picture in Europe.