Fake Social Media Gurus


Relating to my post YouTube Algorithms Work Against Spontaneity, I want to highlight here what I see as the rise of fake spiritual gurus on social media.

In the early days of YouTube I came across many great and genuinely helpful spiritual teachers. David Icke, Eckhart Tolle, U.G. Krishnamurti, Papaji, Mooji to name a few. It was not just their words but their presence, the energy coming off them, which was powerful. In fact, often I wasn't so interested in the words coming out of their mouth but just being in their vibration. This became more clear to me with someone like U.G Krishnamurti because many people (including advanced spiritual seekers) seemed to have trouble with him. He was too raw and coarse for most I introduced to him. I never felt that from him, even when he was ranting and raving. I never felt he was an angry man. I just felt and enjoyed the raw life energy coming off him. I realised others were focussing in on his words too much and of course, getting offended.

On the other side of that coin are the gentle, calm, softly-spoken spiritual teachers who on the surface seem as if they are in a constant state of blissed out serenity but who give off a sickly unbalanced energy. Not all who are gentle and calm are like this, of course.

I'd say over the last 10 years there has been a gradual disappearance of these teachers and in their place a new bunch of spiritual gurus popping up all over social media. YouTube and Instagram is where I've come across them most. They are often tech-savvy with professional looking channel designs and slick, carefully lit and edited videos. Some of them can talk very eloquently about all aspects of spirituality. Yet, as Mooji used to warn years ago in videos I watched... lots of spiritual seekers can talk poetically and romantically about spirituality but so few actually live it. These fake gurus I'm talking about often use fancy phrases, talk of Chosen Ones and pronounce themselves Transformational Coaches, Intuitive Mentors, Life Coaches, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Gods and Goddesses and on and on it goes.

All they can do, like a psychologist or psychiatrist, is give you some tools to help you function in the current system. The current system which is supposed to be flawed and old, right? Otherwise what is the need at all for spirituality? These people are no different to politicians. How can they help you to see the Truth and realise Freedom when they themselves are so invested in their careers, their social media status, always playing the game, doing whatever YouTube or Instagram wants them to do to build their channels? They would never say or do anything which might jeopardise their channel because it is also their career.

I've encountered so many spiritual people like this. They want all the perks of their former Babylon System life but to be spiritual too. They haven't realised that to truly awaken means you see the whole thing is nonsense and the awakening process would automatically disengage you from that system. If the real awakening hits you, you won't even have a choice in that matter. It will throw you out of the system, out of society and your vibration will never again match that system energy in a way that you will be able to thrive. This is why as these fake gurus have risen and now dominate YouTube, finding a U.G. Krishnamurti video these days is much harder than it was in 2009, for instance. He is too outrageous for this "cancel culture" world we live in so lets' pretend he doesn't exist. Even Mooji, who used to be quite a dominant figure in the genre of spirituality on YouTube, seems to get pushed out by all these fake gurus. The algorithms are making sure the real deal get buried in any search. David Icke, of course, has been banned from YouTube back in 2020 for speaking out about the fake pandemic.

An interesting thing to note is many of these new fake gurus happen to be women. When I watch them, although they may sometimes have some useful information (which is how they draw you in), I sense a bitterness in them. They seem hard and cold. They've lost all friendliness and empathy, despite the smiling, slick profile photo. Many of them have come from abusive backgrounds but they haven't fully washed away their past. Often they have a hidden hatred of men and talk in a way of empowering women. They are too caught up in gender - playing woman against man. Watch the true spiritual teachers and you will notice they rarely bring gender into anything, they rarely emphasise their nationalities. These fake gurus are frightened to engage with true spirituality.

I usually first become aware of these fake gurus through synchronicity, or through them pushing themselves towards me, into my space to get my attention. On a few occasions, because I like to give people a chance, if I've seen something synchronistic that seems to connect us, I've reached out to them. They almost always blank me. I recognise it because it happens in real physical life too. When Kate and I went to Budapest in 2014, our landlord Bogi was "spiritual", and at first she was doing the very same thing. We never bothered her. We were only looking for an apartment and she was the landlord. Yet she pushed herself into our space, wanted to get to know us beyond a landlord relationship, and then she soon started blanking us, messing us around, before turning downright nasty. From the moment I saw a picture of her, I saw that in her but it was too late. Whenever I looked at her direct in the eyes, when she came round to visit in the apartment, I could see she was uncomfortable. She knew she was a fraud and she knew I knew that.

What these kinds of people do - spiritual teachers and non-spiritual teachers alike - is to try to invert the true spiritual dynamic. Their ego is such a dense structure and the need to be right so strong in them that they can't admit they need help. So they try to attach themselves to genuine spiritual power, one way or another, and then invert the relationship to present themselves as the spiritual authority and place you in the 'student' role. They blank you out because it creates the illusion they are the powerful one and that they are being assertive. Behind it all, they are incredibly weak and insecure. They also project whatever bad experiences they've had, usually from men, onto you. Many times I've become aware of superficial similarities between me and one of these peoples' previous relationships. They assume without giving you a chance that you will be the same. What's so spiritual about that?

At the same time, there is also a rise in the opposite - male gurus on YouTube who promote masculinity and traditional values and the same applies to them. Many of them have had bad experiences with women in the past, and although they don't say it, you can sense a bitterness. With both these fake male and female gurus I see them promoting a life alone. They create lots of videos about aloneness and suggest that its somehow spiritual to prove you can live alone. I remember debating with a woman who held these views back in 2019 and she was trying to convince me to do this Music thing all by myself. I was trying to explain to her what I had to carry when I was alone in Europe after Kate died - laptop, guitar, clothes - and how I could barely move around with that much stuff. I didn't even have a busking amp. Kate and I had already struggled and desperately needed more people to join us if we were gonna take things further during the SoulJahm Europe era. I said to this woman "How am I meant to create quality videos by myself, for instance?". Lots of practical stuff needs to be done and it needs more than one. She had no answer but it didn't stop her trying to convince me. Nowadays, they will suggest you don't need anybody else for your videos, A.I. can do it. Have you seen the shitty, soulless A.I. videos from some artists? So its part of this A.I. agenda, but that's for another time.

Aside from the practicalities, we are here to share and enjoy the journey with each other. There is something really beautiful about sharing these experiences with another or with several others. Everything great that has happened in the past, which people are pining for, needed people working together. No great movies would have been made, no houses and infrastructure, all the great music required not only artists and musicians but engineers, producers, managers, etc. Leaving Babylon System doesn't mean no togetherness with people. Humans are naturally sociable creatures in the main. If you have the right people around you then it shouldn't get in the way of your aloneness and individual growth. That's why I've never just went around trying to gather whomever I could find. I've always looked for people who feel it within themselves that they want to be part of my thing and hence, it becomes our thing.

These fake gurus don't even realise (or maybe they do as there seems to be a lot of satanists hiding within society as normal folk) all the ways they are helping the system to manifest its goals by aligning themselves with trends and agendas to continually divide people instead of bringing Unity to the world. It's time we called them out as well as the usual suspects.