David William Imposters


For a few years now, I've noticed a rise in other artists named 'David William' showing up in my Spotify, Amazon and other third party streaming services. I'd just like to state here that if you see David William releases in any of these places with generic looking album covers and titles which seem to reflect some of the themes I sing and talk about, these releases are nothing to do with me.

I've been releasing music on these platforms since 'One Way Ticket' days back in 2006 and for many years I was the only David William there. The first time I was aware of another and of these mix-ups was when another David William DM'd me on Instagram with a panicky message about his albums showing up in my artist pages. I explained to him that he needed to contact his distributor to sort this out as there was nothing I could do at that time. From the tone of his message, I suspected that he wasn't actually contacting me sincerely to sort this out but that this was some sort of 'attack' designed to panic or anger me - to bring to my attention that my artist page was being spoiled by this mix-up. I just brushed that incident off and never gave it much attention.

Since then, there has been a couple of other David William's appearing out of nowhere, one on YouTube and a more recent one, which keeps getting releases mixed in with my catalogue on Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music. I've reported all of these so hopefully they should disappear soon.

Don't get me wrong, I know many artists get these mix-ups, which is incredibly odd in these times when everything is digital and tracked. How can they not assign releases to the correct 'David William'? But that's another story...

What is suspicious to me is, as I said, the album and song titles, the themes and the very unhuman, A.I. generated looking artwork. It feels like they are trying to cloud or muddy my catalogue with their thing in order to get in the way of what I'm trying to put across.