Beware Of Darkness


Those of you who've followed my journey for a while now will be aware of my encounter with a French freemason, YC, and his Irish wife, SBC, and how the interaction with them way back in 2010 seemed to trigger a series of dark and negative repercussions in my life and the people around me. Well, I'm still uncovering the depths of that to this day!

At the beginning of the year I synchronistically came upon some new information regarding YC. I discovered he had been brought up in a religious cult. Something called the JH Society, which seems to be some group similar to the Jehova's Witnesses. How did I discover this? I came upon some posts by SBC she made on the David Icke forum back in 2007. That forum no longer exists, it was suspiciously hacked and then replaced quite a few years ago, but there are some parts of the web which archive old websites and so on, and it was there I came upon several posts by SBC discussing with other forum members that her husband, YC, had been brought up in a cult. A few puzzling things that had been hanging over me for many years suddenly made more sense.

When YC first wrote to me in August 2010 he said this:

"I'm first surprised that someone as awoken, enlighted, free, independant, unattached and smart as you are can have such a childish and unbalanced behavior and can sound so dependant of S. To tell you the truth you're not the first person I've met, declaring himself/herself that wise, perceptive being that agressive. That just shows how little confidence they have in fact, and the little they really can share with people. They just don't really care about people, they just try to give themselves importance. I've already seen in spiritual groups people who are not important in real life, frustrated, becoming suddenly tough, arrogant once they get some responsability in those groups."

"On another hand, I won't let you go farther. I don't threaten you but you should know it, I'm not impressed, physically and spiritually. You should choose your victims in a better way because it won't work like this."

What always puzzled me from the moment I read his emails back in 2010 was his whole talk of spiritual groups and people gaining responsibility over them, and the talk of victims and so on. It was so absurd and completely at odds with the life Kate and I were living then. We didn't know what the hell this guy was on about because we were two people living a very quiet life and the only places I spoke about spirituality were on the David Icke and Eckhart Tolle forums. It was laughable the idea that we had a group of people around us and that I was trying to set myself up as some sort of cult leader. For years after this I could never understand where he got this idea. Then occasionally people would mention cults to me or reference Charles Manson. I even kept getting video recommendations by a YouTuber whose life seemed to parallel YC's as in he was brought up in a cult and also became a musician (this was before I discovered YC had been in a cult). I used to wonder why this guy was showing up in my recommendations. When I saw SBC's forum posts talking about him being brought up in a cult it all suddenly made sense.

To think, this guy, said all this shit to me then told us we would not be hearing from them again, leaving us without a way to find out what had happened. Even when I tried contacting her again in 2015 for answers they wouldn't reply. So he projected onto me some bad experience he had with a cult leader because I happened to be discussing spirituality with his wife and on the Icke forum. Why not take the time to get to know me before shooting your mouth off? The consequences of this have been tragic and still feels like its unravelling.

The only reason I even ended up contacting them again in 2015 is because of some strange coincidences and things our Budapest landlord, Bogi, said which reminded me of SBC. Bogi had been acting strange around us, just like SBC a few years earlier, and I sensed some kind of connection between them. The signs continued after I moved to Berlin in 2014 and eventually led me back to SBC and YC. Was this all a bad mistake on their part or was this some sort of planned attack? Certainly their secrecy and reluctance to discuss anything with me suggests evil intent of some kind.