Balancing Music With Personal Experience


There was a time when I rarely spoke about Truth and awakening and spirituality publically, other than a phase years ago when it was all new to me and I wrote some things on spiritually-inclined forums. Mostly in the SoulJahm years I kept it to Music and a kind of light-hearted blog about our travels and way of living. Then came a time, around 2014, when things got stranger and I began to notice parallels between things happening in my personal life and things happening in the world. I had many unresolved questions during this period and so began writing about it in whatever way I could. I knew much of what I was saying was so far-out in relation to most people's normal day-to-day experience that I would likely come across as crazy. I knew it would be confusing for those discovering me musically. That has long been a difficulty - how to integrate the spiritual and Music - because I've found people tend to either relate to the spiritual side of me or relate to my songs but rarely both. So in trying to reach people, particularly building an audience around my songs, it can be off-putting when I make spiritual/conspiracy type content alongside my songs.

Sometimes I just don't care and look at it like, well, its all me, take it or leave it. Particularly in these times, I've found it harder NOT to speak out with some of the chaos being orchestrated by very dark beings in this world. Those who enjoy my songs will surely not turn away because of some spiritual stuff I say, and if they do, we probably weren't right for each other. Yet at the same time, I'm not deliberately trying to scare people away, though sometimes it might appear that way! I once read that Lee 'Scratch' Perry drove around in a car in Jamaica in the 1970s with "Batty Boy" written in huge letters on top of the car to shake off the leeches and hangers-on he got surrounded by. So sometimes playing the madman can be useful to clear away certain individuals! Those who see you correctly, who see with their heart, will see past the surface and I tend to trust in that.

I'm very aware of that situation so if you see strange posts or comments by me, I haven't lost the plot, there is a method to my madness. Most of the time if you see me describing personal experiences it's with the sole (soul?!) purpose of connecting with similar souls out there. I make certain things public that I usually wouldn't share in the hope someone out there may recognise what I'm talking about and perhaps we can share our experiences and uncover more of the mystery of this life. Many of the experiences I've had do not fall into the "normal" category! So many things I've went through that nobody ever prepared me for, like the John Lennon song goes "Nobody told me there'd be days like these". I can vouch for that.

Most of my unresolved questions from that time remain unresolved. Nobody would or could help me with the answers I was looking for and so gradually I had no choice but to let go of the questions.

I felt to write this blog post after removing some comments I'd made on YouTube, on one of my videos last year, following an interaction I had. I used this interaction to highlight a few things in my personal life because of recurring patterns I was noticing with certain people. I was well aware it probably made no sense to any newcomers and may have come across as a crazy rant but I left it there because my prime interest is to understand how this reality is actually working. As I said, I'm always hoping for someone to come along and acknowledge they've had the same or similar experiences. Still, I don't want to put off potential music fans and that was one of the reason I started this blog up again. It gives me a place to talk about this kind of stuff out of the glare of the main social media platforms. I presume most readers of this blog are likely to be people delving into my work, those who are likely to return and follow my journey and not just casual passers-by.

Today I decided to remove those comments by me but first I took a screenshot and present it here because I still stand by what I said. In fact, in most cases, if you see something I've posted and then I remove it later, its not because I'm not firmly behind what I say, its more likely I've had second thoughts about where I've posted it, not what I've posted. It's too easy to be misunderstood and misinterpreted these days and I don't go looking for trouble! If I can do things the easy, peaceful way I always prefer that and for the things I feel I need to make public, this is the best place now.

So here is the first comment, which was the last comment in an interaction I had with a guy on the Nobody Wants You To Be Free lyric video:

This second comment was an afterthought pinned to the same video. I mention the French freemason and his Irish wife often because I have many unresolved questions regarding their part in the way things went for us in Europe with SoulJahm. Not to get revenge or anything but in the hope somebody might be able to shed some more light on it. I already once had a discussion with a psychic online, back in 2016, about this matter and she picked up a lot of interesting things and basically told me some of her friends had been subjected to "dark attacks" of a similar kind to what I may have went through: