A Reptilian In Perugia?


Ever since the 'big bang' kundalini awakening which happened in 2007, we had gotten used to experiencing what you might call supernatural events. Together, and separately, we'd all witnessed some very strange phenomenon that was out of the ordinary. Throughout 2007 and into 2008 it was quite frequent but began to slow down in the years after this.

However, on one memorable occasion in Perugia, Italy at the end of summer 2012, Kate witnessed a reptilian figure grinning at her in her mind's eye. We were staying in the apartment you see in the video above for the acoustic performance of "October Rose". It was a simple studio apartment with a mezzanine bedroom. Kate had just went upstairs to the mezzanine for an afternoon nap. I was sitting on the couch downstairs that you see in the video. She called to me to come up and calmly but clearly disturbed by what she saw, told me she had been lying there with her eyes closed when this close-up reptilian looking face was staring at her grinning.

I had a similar kind of experience when I was about 5 years old. I didn't know about reptilians back then but I was sitting in my Gran's flat facing the living room door with my Mum and Gran facing me with their backs to the door. The door was half open and as I looked in that direction at one point I saw this huge hooded being, it was taller than the door by a few inches, that resembled the Grim Reaper. I didn't see its face properly, so now considering it, it may well have been a reptilian. It never said anything, just looked at me and somehow telepathically communicated that my Mum and Gran sitting there would be removed from my life (my Mum died suddenly aged 47 in 2007 and my Gran sixteen years later in 2023). I remember freezing, being terrified and feeling totally alone, like I got the sense I was in the room alone with this thing. I was so frozen I never said a word to my Mum or Gran. I was spooked out by this experience for a while afterwards but gradually forgot about it until after Kate's death, when I found myself in Berlin during the summer of 2014, going through some sort of intense 'spiritual journey/battle'. Amongst the many signs and synchronicities I experienced there, both positive and negative, I began seeing Grim Reaper imagery around the city, which brought back this childhood memory.

These experiences combined with what I've since read from researchers like David Icke, suggest there is some manipulation of events here in the normal 3D Earth we all share from a non-physical spiritual dimension some people call 4D. It seems to me these beings can possess humans and cause them to do things to block the progress of those of us trying to bring more Consciousness to the planet. In the time I've been back in Edinburgh many characters in the city have popped up as I'm going about my day to either say something cryptic to me (which usually has some sort of meaning), try to disturb or intimidate me, or displaying some sort of symbol or message or just disrupting the natural flow. The person doesn't appear to have any idea themselves why they are doing what they are doing but it's clear to me there is a thread running through them all. Some kind of intelligence orchestrating these people. It would happen regularly when I was out everyday busking and other people around me witnessed it at times.

Online it happens too and I believe one of the reasons they are trying to steer humanity to living more and more of our lives online is because it is far easier for these beings to manipulate energy through computers than through real life people. I've had several interactions on social media from accounts which seem to be nothing more than a fake (non-existent) person created and controlled from the 4D. It's gotten to the point where it's difficult to tell anymore whether you are chatting with a real person online, which is one of the reasons I have become more reclusive in that area in recent years. Ever since I was 19, back in the late 90s, I've felt we've been heading away from real life physical interaction and have watched a growing reluctance from people to interact with you in the flesh over the years. More and more people only seem to want to build online relationships and nothing more. I feel this is by design so this malevolent force can more easily control and manipulate humanity for its own reasons, keeping us isolated from one another and confused. It is the reason why in SoulJahm we didn't want to build online friendships, putting our focus on being physically together, and why we faced so much resistance in that aim.

In recent years, more and more people have come out and spoken of encounters with seemingly real people turning out to be demons, reptilians and other entities in all kinds of scenarios like on a plane and in other public settings. It even makes it into the mainstream from time to time, which was unheard of even only a few years earlier. I think we will continue to see more and more of this as it gets harder for these beings to hide and disguise themselves as the Truth Vibrations increase.