Observations On Synchronicity


Ever since everything changed for me in 2007 and spirituality came into my life in a big way synchronicity has been a major part of how I navigate through life. It is one of the things that confirms there is some larger intelligence governing life, beyond the notions of our individual minds. It reveals a natural flow and ease to life outside the normal, logic-based thinking most of us use to work our way through this world. As you align yourself with synchronicity it becomes clear the control system (the matrix) we live in works against this flow.

What happened to me is I began to follow this flow and follow the synchronicities and that took me on a different path to those around me. It began with small things and as the results of it spoke for themselves the trust to keep following that flow increased. In Edinburgh before the SoulJahm years it built up gradually from around 2007 to 2010 until we had enough trust in it to leave behind everything and head to continental Europe. Once in Europe, from then on it became the guiding force leading us on. So many times we got ourselves out of tricky, almost impossible situations not through using thought and logic but by following the signs, no matter how bizarre they seemed. It worked for everything in this world except with people.

We would move from place to place following the synchronicities, we'd get hotels or apartments, find places to eat, money might come into our lives, instruments, etc... all governed by synchronicity. All we had to do was follow through and that is a choice every human has. These signs are showing up for everybody all the time but most don't even notice them and many who do notice, don't take action. I threw myself whole-heartedly into following them and for a long time it worked. I saw many minor miracles and it completely changed my understanding of life and this reality we are in. Whenever I speak out strongly against the system, it is not just the rantings of a madman (although I know some would like to believe that), it is coming from direct experience. My own direct experience has shown me this life is nothing at all like we are led to believe. Nothing at all like the education system brainwashes us to believe, or the politicians, or any man-made authorities. All these institutions are interested in one thing only; controlling people. Synchronicity is scary to them because it's beyond their control.

One of the things that undone our attempts at going further into this way of living in SoulJahm was that we could recognise these synchronicities show up with other people but they chose not to accept the invitation at their end. It's as if life would show signs a particular person was somehow destined to be part of what we were about and we would be ready and willing to go in that direction but couldn't do so without the acceptance of the other person.

Why? I would say what separates humans from the rest of Creation in that sense is the human ego. A place doesn't have an ego. An object, such as a musical instrument, doesn't have an ego. Money doesn't have an ego. All the rest of the natural world has no ego. This means everything else in this Creation is in alignment with that flow of synchronicity, as if it's waiting for us to recognise it. When it's recognised that 'thing' has no objection to coming towards you, it is not in resistance to the natural flow of life. The very nature of the human ego is to resist that flow of life, which is why we live in the system of control we do. The human ego wants to believe IT is in control. It hates the idea that there may be some larger intelligence running the show because that basically makes it unemployed.

Many times I have encountered people and felt that synchronistic flow, and I've been sure they've felt it too, then they've started to come towards it, only for them to suddenly backtrack and run away. This is essentially what the song "Why Do You Run" is about. "Suffering will surely come" because you are going against the flow of life. This life could be so much easier than we make it. The world is in such a mess right now because that intuitive, synchronistic flow energy has increased in recent times - what some people refer to as The Great Awakening - but the world is still full of egos who are resisting and fighting it. Not only is that causing problems for themselves but it is causing problems for the awakened ones because they can't fulfil the natural, organic destiny unfolding for them without the agreement of those who are stalling because of ego. That means those awakened beings have to take a different route and find other ways to try to live the life they were supposed to live. It's the equivalent of Google maps showing you the quickest, most efficient route to get from A to B but the ego blocking that route so you have no choice but to take a longer, more complex route. Those who are here for Freedom and Truth will still get to where they are meant to be but everything gets drawn out and there's a lot of Wasted Time. Such a shame but that is life on Earth I guess. Those who have aligned themselves with the control system have created Hell on Earth for the rest of us.